About Us

Zada Food 

At Zada, our production philosophy is to supply the
Saudi, GCC, and Middle East consumer markets
with the highest quality protein and sauce products
in strict accordance with Halal Food production
Zada is committed to quality, maintaining the highest
possible production, hygiene, and customer service
standards. This commitment has been rewarded,
helping the factory to become the region’s premier
supplier of protein and sauce products.

10+years of experience
200+years of experience

Our People 

We are a team of experts with creative ideas

The core of our success is attributed to us by our
team members. A group of 200+ team members
with experience, skill sets, and a passion for creating
innovative flavors to entice taste buds, 10% of which
are female.

Our Suppliers

Our products’ quality depends on the quality of the ingredients
we procure. Our quality assurance system is driven by one
objective: meticulous care is taken for high standards and
specifications to be followed for all ingredients from the source
to the final product.​​
At Zada, we follow High standards and operating procedures in
selecting raw materials through advanced microbial, chemical,
and analytical testing technology At the In-House Zada
laboratories and third-party laboratories accredited by the Saudi
Food and Drug Authority (FDA).
We use the latest food processing technology to maintain the
highest food safety and quality standards.

Quality & Food Safety

Consistent Quality Assurance

With our standard operating procedures and consistent
quality check on our procurement and logistic cycle, you as
our customer are ensured – every time consistent product
quality and On-Time delivery.

Low Risk In Cone Building Process

During the cone-building process in a local store that is
not equipped as per FDA requirements, key food safety
procedures of thawing, cross-contamination, chicken
layering, and shaping of the cone, product mixing and
processing temperatures, as we follow the highest levels of
food safety through advanced equipment and trained staff
at the highest levels.

Time & Cost Saving

Several indirect factors affect the cost of cone processing
and production, such as labor, preparation space, storage,
required equipment, and valuable time. These are a few
operational activities that, when done In-House, the total
production time can take up to 18 to 24 hours.
With our expertise and One-Stop solution, you save on the
abovementioned cost, needing only 5 minutes to open the
packaging and place the skewer on the grill.